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Hiking and Rural Tour in Armenia

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7 days / 6 nights

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Day 1: Yerevan - Amaghu - Noravank - Birds Cave - Aghavnadzor – Areni

In the morning we will proceed to Vayots Dzor region. Near the old village Amaghu we will start our
hike. The mountainous path will lead us to the medieval monastery Noravank. After visiting the
monastery our next stop will be The Birds Cave where the oldest shoe and the oldest winery were
found. We will have lunch and wine testing in the local winery in the village Aghavnadzor.
Dinner and overnight in the village Areni.
Total hiking distance for this day is 4 km (2.5miles).

Day 2: Areni - Vineyards

This day we will make our wine! The first half of the day we will collect grapes in the local winyards.
After lunch we will have wine making master class and celebration of the day with the local dance
Dinner and overnight in the village Areni.

Day 3: Areni - Khot - Shinuhayr - Tatev - Zorats Karer – Areni

In the morning we will drive towards the old village Khot. Here we will have an amazing hike full of
beautiful views and rich history. At the end of the hike we will be in the village Shinuhayr. Next we will
transfer to the village Tatev by the longest Ropeway in the world, visit Tatev Monastery and Devil’s
Bridge and try local mineral water. At the end of the day we will visit Zorats Karer (Karahunj)
observatory (7500 years old).
Overnight and dinner in the village Areni.
Hiking Distance 9 km (5.5 miles).

Day 4: Sisian - Madina - Armaghan - Martuni - Sevan – Dilijan

In the morning we will proceed to the Madina village where we will climb the mountain Armaghan
(2829m or 9281 feet). On the top of the mountain there is a beautiful crater lake and chapel. We will
have an amazing view of the different mountains of Armenian Highland and the Lake Sevan. At the
end of the day we will have dinner next to Lake Sevan.
Overnight and dinner in Dilijan Town.
Hiking Distance 10 km (6.2 miles).

Day 5: Dilijan - Jukhtak Vank - Shmakhyan - Fioletovo – Vanadzor

Today’s hike will be in Dilijan National Park on the trail Jukhtak Vank - Shamakhyan. We will enjoy the
beauty of Dilijan forests and will see 2 medieval monasteries: Jukhtak Vank and Matosavank. After
the hike we will visit the molokan village Fioletovo where the local host family will prepare tasty cultural
lunch for us and tell about the traditions in the molokan society.
Overnight and dinner in Vanadzor.
Hiking Distance 7 km (4.3 miles).

Day 6: Vanadzor – Sanahin - Haghpat – Zarni-Parni – Dsegh

This day we will visit the village Sanahin. Here we will visit the Sanahin Monastery (UNESCO side) and
The Museum after Mikoyan brothers. Then we will start our hike to the village Haghpat. Here we will
have lunch with the beautiful view and then visit Haghpat Monastery (UNESCO side) and Parni-Zarni
cave. At the end of the day we will visit the village Dsegh where our favorite writer Hovhannes
Tumanyan was born. The village is rich with cultural assets and nature. We will have a short hike here
to see Bardzrakash Monastery: the hidden pearl of Dsegh and the museum after Hovhannes

Overnight and dinner in Vanadzor.
Hiking Distance 9 km (5.5 miles).

Day 7: Vanadzor – Saghmosavan – Ohanavan – Ashtarak – Yerevan

In the morning we will drive to the village Saghmosavan. On the way we will visit a bakery and try the
tasty bread and sweets of Aparan town. Then we will hike from the village Saghmosavan to the village
Ohanavan. Our lunch will be in the winery where we will also have wine tasting. We will spend some
nice time in vineyards and enjoy the views to the mountains Aragats, Ara and Ararat, also we will listen
to the story of the owner of a wine company how he left the comfortable life in the USA and decided
to start a wine business in the homeland.

In the evening we will have a farewell dinner and party in Yerevan.

Hiking Distance 7 km (4.3 miles).


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  • − Transfers
  • − Lunches and dinners
  • − Entrance tickets
  • − Master classes
  • − Local dance group fee
  • − Wine tasting
  • − Overnights
  • − 3xAreni, 1xDilijan, 1xVanadzor
  • − Air tickets
  • − Insurance

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