Our mission statement

Inspire our clients to love our country by providing a unique experience, Armenian care and hospitality! Our success is measured by the number of true friends we get on our journey and by the positive impact we make for our clients, team, partners and for our country!

Our vision statement

You can never be the same after each trip because we believe that traveling is the most intense way of learning. And we want our customers to feel our love and care during every step of their learning path. Our vision is to care about every single detail so you’re free to just be happy, be present and be inspired.

Our Values


We know that Armenia is a very special place on Earth, a unique place with ancient culture, history, architecture and nature’s spectacular sights and wonders. Armenia is also a land of very special people who is worth knowing. We are really passionate about sharing Armenia’s gifts with all our travellers. In Red Hat Tours we pride ourselves on our team of people, recruiting passionate and motivated people and training them to the highest standards to make sure that they make our travellers’ Armenian experience unforgettable. We are all committed to showing you the very best of our country, committed to ensuring that our passion becomes your passion. At Red Hat Tours, we work hard to make sure that you take home the very best memories of our company, our people, and of beautiful Armenia.


We operate openly and foster transparency. Our team members, clients and communities always know where we stand. We know that reputations are hard to win and easy to lose. That’s why we set such importance on integrity, honesty and fairness throughout our organization. We say what we mean and mean what we say, communicating clearly throughout. Perhaps even more importantly, we ensure that we do what we say, delivering on our promises while carrying out our business in accordance with the very highest ethical standards.


We don’t like making concessions in quality. Clients come in the first place. Delivering excellent service, every time. That’s our objective at Red Hat Tours, the very benchmark for judging our success. We are constantly reviewing our performance to ensure we are meeting the high standards we demand of ourselves. And of course, the high standards that our guests demand of us. Providing it to every traveller, every time is our goal.