MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, events)

You can completely trust the organization of your corporate trips to Red Hat Tours. Accommodation will be organized in your preferred hotels together with transfers, preferred hotel rooms, rooms for meetings and negotiations, conference rooms with the necessary equipment, gala dinners, tours, teambuilding, outdoor recreation and other wishes from customer companies.

Services of guides, interpreters and translators

The provided services of guides and translators are guaranteed, as our specialists are professional and qualified. They have higher education and extensive work experience. A large group of specialists speak different languages. These languages are: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Indian, etc. We also provide simultaneous translators


We cooperate with a large number of hotels of different levels throughout Armenia: from hostels to 5-star hotels. In the arsenal we have a large number of guest houses on the territory of the republic. We provide rental services for apartments, private houses, etc.


We provide reliable and comfortable coaches. Ranging from ordinary cars, minivans, sprinters and buses designed for different numbers of passengers to premium cars. We cooperate with a large number, proven over the years, vehicle suppliers, which provide a ride not only with proven transport, but also with experienced drivers

Team buildings

To ensure relaxation, team building, a sense of unity and team building, Red Hat Tours organizes a variety of team buildings for you, which can be either extreme or intellectual. After several hours spent at cognitive conferences, useful negotiations, add a rest to your corporate event, make your trip more fun and memorable using the opportunity of the team building organized by us.

Art therapy for adults and children

Contact with the arts. Any field of the arts can bring pleasure to both children and adults. In our daily life, people do not always have time to engage in any kind of creative work. The organization of such windows, when a person can touch the art of creation, creating something new, beautiful, interesting is our task. During art therapy, you can try drawing, sculpting with clay, creating dolls, weaving rugs, baking fancy sweets and much more that can bring you pleasure, discover new, unknown facets of your creativity and possibly change your lifestyle. Who knows? Maybe your children decide to become artists in the future…

Shopping Assistant

Red Hat Tours provides a shopping assistant service. If one of the purposes of your trip is to purchase any goods, then we can provide you with an escort who specializes in the topic you specified, and will help you quickly arrange meetings with manufacturers and suppliers of the necessary products. The assistant will take you to certain shops, factories, plants, places of purchase or production of the product you are interested in.


Do you want to have high-quality photos, slides and even films of your trip or some event or event? Red Hat Tours organizes all this to the highest standard. We have professional photographers who can capture your tours, hikes in the mountains, various fragments of travel, master classes, team building, entertainment events, games, photo sessions in national costumes and other episodes. All this is performed at a very high quality level and will remain in the albums of your history for a long and good memory.