Geghama mountains


Geghama Ridge is a chain of volcanic mountains that includes several extinct volcanoes. Named after King Gegham, great-grandson of the forefather of the Armenians – Hayk. The highest point is the Azhdahak volcano, which is 3597 meters above sea level. In the crater of the volcano, there is a lake that feeds on melt water. A beautiful panorama of multi-layered mountains, lakes, gorges opens from the top of the mountain, and the combination of unusual colors and landscapes is also striking. Mount Azhdahak attracts great attention of hikers. And not only. A sufficiently high altitude can be reached by off-road vehicles. And what is there interesting besides natural beauty? And the fact that here, at an altitude of 3000-3200 m above sea level, you can see a large number of petroglyphs. The drawings depict information not only about the everyday life of people: hunting, pets, rituals, worship of motherhood, but also striking information about space, astronomical bodies, the globe indicating the cardinal points, constellations and much more. Near the lake there are “vishaps” – stone sculptures installed at water sources.