Lake Sevan


As we know, there is no sea in Armenia, but there is Lake Sevan, which is the country’s pearl. The lake is located in the Gegharkunik region at an altitude of 1900 m above sea level. m. 65 km from the capital city Yerevan. It is located in the Sevan basin of tectonic origin. Lake Sevan is one of the five freshwater, high-mountainous lakes in the world. On all sides the lake is surrounded by mountain ranges: Pambak, Areguni, Geghama, Sevan and Vardenis. And the lake itself looks like a giant eight and is divided into two basins: Big and Small. The area of ​​the mirror at one time was 1420 km², but after lowering the lake level by more than 14 m, now it is 1240 km². The water in the lake is azure-blue, but during bad weather it becomes gray-black. The length of Sevan is 75 km. 28 rivers flow into it and one flows out – the Hrazdan river. Since the water is cold enough, the swimming season lasts a little over two months. On the Sevan peninsula there is the Sevanavank monastery and the Vazgenyan theological seminary.