Mount Aragats


The highest mountain in Armenia is Aragats. It is an isolated mountain range centered on an extinct volcano. This is an old volcano, the activity of which subsided around the 12th millennium BC. e., although the cones in the lower part were formed ~ 3 thousand years ago. Its length from west to east is 40 km. The mountain itself consists of four peaks, which were formed as a result of the eruption, which tore the mountain into 4 parts, forming a crater inside, ~ 350 m deep and 3 km wide. The height of the peaks: northern – 4090 m, western – 3995 m, eastern – 3908 m and southern – 3888 m. Because of its structure, the mountain is popularly called “four-headed” Aragats. Once covered with dense forests, the slopes of the mountain were inhabited. However, now the slopes are dominated by lush alpine meadows, where many medicinal herbs and flowers of incredible beauty grow, and some traces of the settlements remain, ruins that are poorly studied. A large number of different rivulets and rivers originate from the slopes of Aragats, such as Gegarot, Amberd, Mantash and others, and between the formations there are beautiful lakes.

Mount Aragats attracts whose who loves mountain tourism and mountaineering.