Tatev monastery


The Tatev monastery complex is located 240 km from Yerevan. This is an amazing place with amazing nature. The monastery can be reached by the Wings of Tatev cable car, which is the longest, reversible passenger road in the world. Another path is along a serpentine road that descends 500 m into a deep gorge of the Vorotan River, and then ascends to a monastery located on a cliff at the edge of a steep cliff.

In the IV century, a temple was built over the grave of Saint Eustateos (Eustathius). At the beginning of the 9th century, the Saint Grigory Illuminator church was built, which suffered from an earthquake and was later restored. The complex also has churches and many others, interesting in their history, structures.

Tatev Monastery has been a major spiritual center for centuries. The famous Tatev University was located here, which educated more than one generation of famous figures of medieval Armenia.

In addition to all its advantages, the monastery also served as a protective fortress. Famous folk fighters defended and defended their land, being either under the protection of the walls of the monastery, or not far from it.